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Our Philosophy

We train our horses naturally, that is, according to their natures. We strive to keep them relaxed, happy, and eager to learn at all times. On our farm, learning is stress-free and welcomed by the horse.

What we can offer

We are primarily involved in training horses for eventing, but we also train hunters and jumpers. We take horses at any stage of their schooling and/or development, and concentrate on making them honest and reliable as well as knowledgeable and a pleasure to ride.

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From the track

We are specialists in reconditioning retired racehorses. We know talent when we see it, and can develop and optimize a horse's talents to meet any rider's dream.


We can sometimes offer boarding and training. Please feel free to inquire about this possibility if it interests you.


If you're interested in any aspect of our horse training operations, feel free to give us a call at (309) 376-2144. Or simply email us, using this form:

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